There are some inventions that are not worth much and they are worth a dime a dozen just because it does not work. While there are some that are worth a ton of money and the ones who made them should at least have them registered. inventing an idea There is a law that binds your invention to your name and that is the statutory invention registration. Of course, you can always have it patented so nobody can else can make money out of your invention and copy it.

The patent is more restricting than the statutory invention registration but if your goal is to share it to the world then what you can do is just settle for the latter option. So many people who had thought of an idea but did not get any patent and not even a copyright regretted it in the end because there will be some people who will steal your ideas from you and pass it off as if it was their own. inventing an idea That is actually the reason why you will go through all this trouble of registering your ideas and your inventions so the credit is yours because you deserve it. After all you were the one who thought of it and even conjured your ideas into a reality.

If you do not have the budget to have your invention patented or have it registered, contact companies that you think might be interested. They might be willing to sponsor you as companies always look for new ideas anyways especially if your invention is related to their business and will make them lots of money.



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