Finally the solution to all your police-chasing woes has arrived. The amazing Escort 8500 is a revolutionary product and that detects radars and lasers both. It is ‘V tuned’ and provides a good range for detecting police radars of all kinds. Irrespective of whether the police radar is a conventional one or one that can be switched on instantly, your Escort 8500 is sure to warn you well before time.

The new Escort 8500 has a higher range than the original among the series and can detect radars up to 50% more range. The range provides you with enough distance so that you can get a head start over the police cars and make your escape. The Escort 8500 may not allow you enough headway to give you the luxury of a Hollywood-style chase sequence but it will definitely give you enough time to ‘duck’ in an alley or a by-lane.

It uses the K band and the Ka band and therefore is almost infallible and has an extremely low instance of false alarms.

The Escort 8500 is a sophisticated product and has been developed by Bodrum Escort the experts with extreme care. Some of the features that are extremely interesting and worth noting are;

Operations on 4 bands – X-band, K-band, Ka-band and Laser 904nm

Detection and therefore, protection from all sides

Colorful red and blue displays for grabbing your attention when required

A series of sensors

An earphone that allows you to know instantly when you need to scoot

The above is just an indicative list of features and to know the real Escort 8500 and the technical superiority that it has over its competition, you should order for a free 30 day trial from the Escort 8500 factory. With a years guarantee and an extended after sales service option, there is hardly any doubt that once you have had a hands-on experience with the product, you will surely want to keep it.

Basically, you can say bye-bye to being surprised by sirens that come on suddenly and take you by surprise. Drive in your normal way without the fear of some cop sneaking up on you without your knowledge. The comfort and piece of mind that this Escort 8500 provides you can be a relief when you are driving long distance and want to throw some caution to the wind.


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