Bollywood Billionaire Makes Hollywood Movie Deal

Bollywood media firm Reliance Big Entertainment, which is run by Anil Ambani – the sixth richest man in the world, has announced that it will be making 10 Hollywood movies for one billion dollars Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode
. In order to do this, Reliance has signed deals with the production teams of the Hollywood stars Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.

However, it is unlikely these films will be traditional Bollywood titles. Rajesh Sawhney, who is the president of Reliance, said: “We want to make Hollywood movies that have a global audience Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode
. We are not inserting Bollywood into Hollywood just yet. ” He also added that his team would be choosing films for their content, rather than their genre. He said: “I think Indian movies get stereotyped as all singing and dancing in the same way as Hollywood gets stereotyped for sex and violence. We are looking for good content regardless of genre. ” Ultimately, Mr Sawnhey said that the company are hoping to make some huge films that will make them money. He said: “We are looking to make big-budget, live-action movies in Hollywood that make money for us. ”

Hollywood has been looking for funding from Indian film producers for a while, as the American economy is struggling. In recent years, Disney, News Corporation and Sony have all made big-money deals with Bollywood companies, although none of the deals were as big as the Reliance one.

Mr Sawhney said that the deal signified the beginning of a long relationship between Bollywood and Hollywood. He said: “The aim is to look at 30 film scripts under this deal over the next two years, out of which 10 will go to screen. This is just the beginning of our relationship with Hollywood. ”

Many film experts see this deal as a real marriage of two cultures. Komal Nahta, editor of Mumbai trade paper the Film Street Journal, labelled the deal as a “major” one. He said: “Reliance is making a major move in putting Hollywood and Bollywood together. The key will be whether you can make Indian movies that sell abroad and at the same time sell foreign stars in India. ”

Many people believe that deals like this could teach Bollywood much about filmmaking. At present, the Indian film industry releases around 1, 000 movies a year, but only makes about £1 billion annually. In comparison, Hollywood produces half this number, but has 10 times the sales. The reason that is often given for Bollywood’s relative lack of commercial success is that traditional Bollywood studios are generally family-run affairs that rely on star talent to carry a film, rather than good scripts. The Bollywood Hindi movie, directed, co-scripted by debutant Sabbir Khan, is all set to dazzle the international film fraternity on fire as, Kambakkht Ishq will be the first Bollywood movie ever, to have Hollywood biggies like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie, will be dubbed into English by the same cast into English, in the title Incredible Love, Kambakkht Ishq will mark the beginning of films, which will be cross-bred between Bollywood and Hollywood. Though earlier, there were films which was cross bred, they weren’t made with all parts of the cast and crew from different countries. Katrina Kaif is lead actress in the film, and will, feature, new fashion clothing, which will set a new trend in Bollywood.

The lead actor is Akshay Kumar, he plays the role of Viraj Shergill, who is a stuntman, who takes Hollywood by storm, with his amazing persona, but cannot find true love. Sylveser Stallone, will be back with his signature role as John Rambo. And the former, super star and present california governor, will be in a cameo. The rest of the hollywood casts will be Carmen Electra Brandon Routh, Denise Richards, Diane Sellers, Raeann Giles, Tony Alameda, Sheridan Crist, Mikandrew Perdaris, Bayli Johnston. While the rest of the Bollywood casts will be Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora, Ashwin Mushran, Vindu Dara Singh. The movie will be premiered in Cannes film festival on May 15, 2009. Skeptics, of the producer, Sajid Nadiawala, say that the movie will turn out to be critical disappointment. Sylvester Stallone, to be seen in an dance sequence in the movie:

Rumours say, that Stallone, along with Carmen Electra, will be featured in a dance sequence in the movie. They both are taught the basics of Bollywood dance sequences, by the eminent bollywood choreographer Ajmal khan. Since Bollywood rhythmical movements have gone through numerous modes and influences. This in addition connects to the sort of pictures and modifications that is effected by the new age directors. There is more to the nuances and groove in the rhythmical motion approach as it is reflective about refreshing steps and ideas. Creating a sequence piece of music for a Bollywood picture is a very large contest for choreographer. Each rhythmical motion chief director draws close with a certain understanding that is demarcated but there over novelty is the variety of each film. This is why even in a cross bred cinema like Kambakkht Ishq, the dance is given very much importance

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