A very muscular brand of Christianity | Christianity | The GuardianThere are those who preach that Jesus died for our sins. If you have ever read the bible, I am sure that you know that Jesus said a lot of things during his time who is jesus. However, I do not believe that you will find anywhere in the bible where Jesus said that he died for your sins or anyone else’s. Jesus spoke out against sin. He did not condone sin, let alone would ever tell someone that it is all right to commit sin, in his name or anyone else’s.

When you read the bible, you will know that when Jesus spoke about us getting into Heaven, he made it clear that we must obey the Ten Commandments. As he spoke to the rich man before him, he told him to obey the Ten Commandments and to give unto the needy. Some preachers have changed that quote by Jesus. They would have you to believe that Jesus said, Disobey the Ten Commandments and ask forgiveness in his name and give your money to the church.

The man- made church, not God’s church, let me quickly clarify that for you. You see in God’s eyes the only church that he is interested in, is the one that he built. That’s why it is said that thy body is thy temple. I say unto you if you would not commit sin in a man-made church then why would you commit sin in God’s made church. For thy body is thy temple, and that is the only church that God is concerned about. God is not concerned about mere wood and stone, but only of flesh and blood. Thy body is thy temple.

You don’t need any house to be in, in order to be with the Lord. You don’t need any statue or cross to kneel down to, in order to speak with the lord. You don’t need any preacher or clergy in order to hear the words of the Lord. For the Lord speak to you everyday even if you may try to ignore him. When you reach out to get something that does not belong to you, you can hear him say, don’t do that. You can hear him say, you know better than that, you know that’s not right, put it back and behave thy self. Yet some of you smiled and said to yourself, it’s all right, it just a little sin and Jesus already paid for it when he died. Jesus wasn’t a rich man and there is not enough money in this world to pay for a sin.

You can’t pay your way into Heaven and no man can forgive another but only in his own heart. For you can stand before a thousand statues of Mary and count a million beads through your little hands, but I say unto you that none of that is going to change things. You can believe what you want, you can believe that there is a man call Superman that can fly, but when you see it, you let me know. I am not telling you not to trust someone, but that sometime the person that you trust the most will be the one who will surprise you. How does it goes, your enemies cannot harm you, for you know who they are, but watch your closest friends. You see it is the friend who thinks that he can get away with it, or that you won’t believe it when someone else tell you that he has done wrong. Why, because you don’t want to believe that someone who you love, someone that you trust, could ever do you wrong. It is because you don’t want to face the consequences, so you tell yourself, they don’t know what they are talking about, and I got a good man. He wouldn’t do that, not to me, as good as I am to him, huh, I ‘m not going to listen to nothing they say.

There is a quote that says that he who seek, shall find, however if one is too scared to seek. If one is too scared to open up their eyes and declare that i once was blind, but now I see. If one is too afraid to walk through the valley, or one who has not the faith to stand alone against the giant when he know that God is on his side. I say unto you, that person shall always be blinded by fear and shall look away instead of looking directly toward the light, so to see the coming of the glory of the Lord.

You believe what you want to believe, or at least try to. You know that God wrote the Ten Commandments for you to follow. Yet since you want to have your cake and eat it too, you are going to listen to someone telling you that it’s all right, it’s all right don’t worry about it, Jesus died for our sins. Come on, the night is young, let us go out and sin some more in Jesus name, we party, I mean we pray.

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