Anyone who has one or more pet cats knows how unique each of their personalities is. If you’ve ever gone to look at kittens for sale, you’ve probably noticed a difference in not only how they look, but in their temperament as well. And not only do our feline friends have one-of-a-kind personalities, but each breed has its own fascinating history. Some have royal roots while others can be traced back in history thousands of years. You may never guess some of the interesting facts surrounding those cute little kittens for sale at the pet shop! Here’s a look at some of the most popular breeds and what makes them so special.

1) Oriental – The Oriental cat was inspired by the Siamese breed. It has a sleek body and angular face. What is most interesting about its look is that it comes in more than 300 variations of pattern and color! As far as personality goes, the Oriental is known for forming a deep bond with its primary caretaker. These cats demand a lot of attention and thrive in social settings, like those provided by active families and individuals.

2) Birman – This large, fluffy breed is known for its sweet demeanor and for being undeniably cute! If you see Birman kittens for sale, you are likely to fall in love immediately. With their big blue eyes and long, soft fur, they are a joy to pet and watch play. Experts say the Birman comes from the monks of Burma, who selectively bred them. They have an easygoing personality and get along great with kids and other household pets.

3) Abyssinian – These active, playful felines are known for being incredible smart and agile. Experts believe Abyssinians may come from Southeast Asia or perhaps from Africa. While its exact origins are unknown, Abyssinians are depicted in ancient Egyptian artwork, suggesting that this breed may be one of the oldest still in existence today. While they make great playmates, this breed is probably not best for those looking for a cuddly cat that likes to be held.

4) Maine Coon – This U.S.-developed breed has a maine coon kittens for sale larger-than-life tale of its origins. Some claim that Marie Antoinette’s pet cats came over on a ship from France as she faced her final days, and that they became the breeding foundation for today’s Maine Coon. When you see Maine Coon kittens for sale you might be surprised to see just how big they are for their age when compared to other breeds. These longhaired felines are known for being really large in size and can weigh up to 25 lbs.

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