Manitowoc Food is a world prominent company that produces commercial deep fryers that are used in catering industry. It offers a full range of high-quality fryers – electric and gas-powered with innovative designs to enhance fryer performance and the quality of food cooked. The line is classified under the Frymaster deep fryer brand. This review will provide a summary of the items you will receive.

The key to the appeal of this deep fryer is the fact that Frymaster will help to boost profit margins of energy and labor-saving features (helping to support sustainability and green initiatives). They also have earned a favorable standing in the field of worker safety.

In the past the company has demonstrated a willingness to listen to the needs of its customers. The company employs the latest materials production, design and manufacturing techniques. One goal is to decrease the amount of moving parts which, consequently, lowers the cost of maintenance.

If I had to pick out the top electric deep fryer by Frymaster I’d say that it’s that model FPH14-7. It is specially made to work inside an hood that is ventless. It features a Footprint filtration system that easily fits beneath the fryer, an innovative technology that is setting new standard for cost savings, safety, ease of operation and dependability. It takes approximately 3 minutes to complete the automated filtering process according to the heat setting you want.

The cleaning of the electrical deep fryer can be simple because Ninja DT201 and DT251 air fryer comparison  the elements of the electric motor are able to swing upwards and out making the fryer wide and smooth edges. It is therefore easy to scrub and clean since all sides are visible and the appliance is out of sight. The heating elements that are ribbon-style have been submerged by oil, which allows for efficient transfer of warmth to oil, and not to an chimney. It also means that radiant heat that is generated by the cooking area is drastically decreased, which results in cooling the kitchen workers, less load on the air conditioning system , and less electric bill. A more energy efficient melt and warm-up cycle is made possible through the user-friendly controls.

Another thing to be noted and that is regardless of whether you choose electric or gas the Frymaster fryer surpasses the efficiency standards established by Federal Energy Star that qualify for rebates to save energy. It also means that the operators respond to the needs of consumers for delicious food that is more sustainable for the environmental.

The company hopes to improve the previous designs and performs.

But before you go to buy an Frymaster deep fryer, you must look at other brands in the market. If there’s any negative feedback about the product, it must be the price. They’re not the most expensive – there are certainly cheaper brands, but honestly I believe you receive the value you get for your money. The appliances are constructed to the highest standard and designed to last.

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