Most people who have had the great pleasure of loving and caring for a pet, have also had the experience of needing to attend to the various medical problems that can arise. However, when a pet has a terminal illness or been severely injured, a person can be faced with making a very difficult choice between hospice care and euthanasia.

The concept of hospice care for pets is to provide a secure and protective setting in the pet’s familiar environment – the home. The goal is not to work towards a cure, but, to focus on controlling the pain and providing physical and emotional comfort to the pet.

Once the pet owner has located a veterinarian who is comfortable with the concept of hospice care, he/she will be taught how to give medicine, keep their pet comfortable and clean, ensure good nutrition, and how to observe the pet’s pain level and overall condition. Deciding to provide hospice care for a pet can not only allow for a more gentle and private experience, but, also give the pet owner more time to say good-bye.

Some people may find that hospice care is not a good plan if they are in poor health themselves, have a time consuming job, or live alone. Additionally, the person may feel the task of caring for a dying pet much too agonizing to even consider. If the pet owner does not have capability nor desire to provide this level of care in the home, euthanasia may be a more appropriate  hospice in westminster  choice.

A pet owner may decide to provide hospice care for a period of time, but, then come to the realization that euthanasia may be a more humane decision. The following problems may cause an individual to consider euthanasia if their pet:


  • can no longer control the ability to eliminate
  • has unmanageable pain
  • can no longer sit, stand, or walk
  • appears confused and does not seem to know where it is


In continuing the hospice process, a veterinarian may be agreeable to euthanize a pet in its’ home, thereby providing both the pet and the owner to undergo the death in a comfortable, familiar setting.

Coping with the impending loss of a pet is, undoubtedly, one of the most difficult experiences a pet owner will encounter. Choosing between hospice care and euthanasia is a very personal decision, and there are no right or wrong choices. Talking over the various options with your veterinarian and those you feel close to can assist you in making the best choice for you and your pet.


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