Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of the many beautiful and unique attractions it offers. Sydney, the most populous city and the largest city in Australia has its fair share of excellent attractions for visitors. The first thing that visitors would of course need is a good place to stay from which to explore the sights and attractions in and around the city.

Sydney accommodation options are indeed plentiful and there is an option for every taste and budget. There are five star hotels for the rich and luxury-seeking visitor. Those that need a more homely touch would find the various bed and breakfast facilities extremely suited to their needs. Backpackers who are looking for an inexpensive place to stay would find the different hostels around Sydney perfect for their budget. So every kind of traveller can find a place suited to their specific needs. It is advisable to book your rooms in advance, as there might be a lot of rush during certain seasons of the year.

Of the various forms of Sydney accommodation available, hostels are the cheapest and most cost effective. Contrary to popular belief, these hostels are not just for youngsters. People of all ages are welcomed at these hostels in Sydney. These are wonderful places to meet like-minded people who might share related interests. They are also a great way to make long lasting friendships and relationships. Cheap places to stay are available in all regions including the CBD and Sydney’s most popular beaches in Bondi, Coogee, and Manly.

Visitors who are looking for a homely atmosphere instead of having to spend time in a hotel room would find bed and breakfast facilities extremely appealing. These are some of the best Sydney accommodation facilities for travellers. Bed and breakfast facilities can be found in different regions of Sydney from Manly towards the north, and Blue Mountains in the south, to the pristine stretches of Bondi Beach. Many owners of private houses and guest homes run these places by themselves to provide a personalized feel to their guests. Visitors can enjoy the great friendly service provided by their hosts who are always happy to have a  msm kapseln good chat with their guests. These facilities come with a home-style breakfast and leisurely atmosphere. Visitors can also benefit from the vast local experience of their hosts to help find their way around the city for most of the attractions.

For guests who are particular about luxury and opulence, five star hotels are the most ideal places of stay. They are the costliest Sydney accommodation options available to guests but the facilities provided are unmatched by any other form of accommodation. Among the top five star hotels in Sydney, the Shangri-la Hotel and the Observatory Hotel are probably the most popular. Known for its superb facilities, the Shangri-la hotel has great views of the Grand Harbour, Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House. Visitors can get a 270-degree view of Sydney from the Horizon Club. For a more traditional and antique experience, guests can stay at the Observatory hotel which is located in the historic Rocks district of Sydney. It is furnished with fine tapestries, tasteful Australian antiques and original oil paintings.

These are some of the Sydney accommodation options available for travellers who wish to explore Sydney during their stay.


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