The property investment market is growing and is set to have a bullish year in 2013. Smart landlords are demanding the delivery of new services which is set to make them even more money. Savings of up to £2,000’s per property can be achieved.

The traditional letting agent is coming under increasing pressure to provide better service at even more competitive price. For many the challenges are too great and lots are closing their doors. As one shuts up shop new entrants emerge offering variations on the traditional services with different cost models. Niche providers of landlord services are gaining market share and developing new services in response to the needs of the market. One of the biggest challenges facing landlords in the current market is finding these alternative services.

The key phases in the letting process are:

· Property Preparation

· Tenant Sourcing

· Tenant Vetting

· Tenant Referencing

· Tenancy Contracting

· Inventories

· Rent Collection/Property Management

New niche services are springing up which give landlords the chance to gain access to the type of experience that would be typically available through traditional letting services on a simple pay as you go basis.

Property Preparation

Free reports are available to provide guidance on how to achieve great tenancies covering the essentials of preparing your property.

Tenant Sourcing/Vetting and Viewings

Landlords can market their properties across the 咬合問題 web, have tenants initially vetted and arrange viewings all for a low fee. Most of these organisations rely on word of mouth marketing so are very focused on customer service. Landlords are required to provide evidence that they own the property and that they have all the required certificates in place.

Tenant Referencing

Tenant referencing is an important part of ensuring that a tenancy is successful. Landlords can use independent referencing companies to undertake these checks, just like many letting agents do.

Tenancy Contracting

Up to date contracts covering normal and guarantor assured short-hold tenancies are available from various websites at less than £20.00 per contract, these can be used time and time again if landlords have more than one property. All are set-up with a mail merge option which can make the filling out of the form even easier. For even more ease in managing the contract why don’t you get the AST signed electronically?


The majority of problems that arise in tenancies can be avoided by completing thorough inventories. In the past this is something that many landlords would opt to have a professional do. Mainly because it is so important. However this is a great example of where technology can help, if you have a smart phone you can download an app. which enables landlords to undertake professional standard inventories for a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a traditional inventory service and its emailed direct to you. You can attach it to your electronic AST and send the whole lot over for the tenant to sign.


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