An investment banking presentation can be lethal boring, for potential investors. Page after page of printed information, graphs, charts. Who has time to read and evaluate all of this information? Certainly not me! I recently throw it into the wastepaper basket, unread. Someone spent uncountable hours preparing this information, but I don’t care. I don’t have time to read it. The day of the paper investment banking presentation may be over, however, to be replaced with the video presentation.

Imagine the interested prospect, looking for an investment opportunity. He receives a stack of book-length presentations from your competitors. What does he do with them? He thumbs through them, heaves a sigh, and tosses them in with the how to get into investment banking canada outstanding from lunch. How can you stand out? You can stand out by getting off the paper and onto the screen. Speak to your prospects directly via a computer-based video. In a company profile video, you can put your people in front of the prospect almost like these were visiting personally, and they can say aloud the word what that the prospect won’t make the time to read. You can tell your story in pictures and make it real for the person. You can take them on a virtual tour of your facility. You can introduce your individuals to them. And all of this can happen just through your web site. With a video on the web, the person can run your video whenever is convenient, and as often as he likes.

Another unread document is the annual report. Annual reports are required of public companies and use information that can be intrinsically interesting. But, no matter how innovative the design or how beautiful the photography, they are still filled up with words to be read. You can be before pack if you re-envisage your annual report as a modern video annual report. Bring your boring statistics alive. Bring your people into visibility. Make your readers sit up and pay attention.

Third is the road show. A professionally, even delightfully, produced video can replace the requirement for your individuals to travel. Your prospects can see who you are and what you offer directly on their computer. This video can show your people, your facility, and your product. You won’t be yet another PowerPoint slide show, although this presentation can contain slide show-type material. It will be an income representation of your company, its people, and its offerings.

The company that prepares your video can also promote it via a across the country distributed blog post containing a hot link back to your video. An e-mail message can be delivered to 50, 000 qualified recipients. These recipients can then easily share your video with their fellow workers through Blogging platforms. 0 sharing and book marking tools.

This exciting, new technology can refresh your time and efforts to reach your prospects in an innovative way. At the same time, these videos will replace reams of paper with flying electrons, reducing waste, energy usage, and polluting of the environment. They work to your great advantage while eliminating disadvantages.

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