Hello it’s Hypnotherapist Richard MacKenzie from the UK, here with another great article for you to get sunk right into and use to change your life to achieve the existence of your dreams! And remember if you like this article and it helps you, why not forward it on to friends and family members just to show them how much you care.

So today I want to talk about Karma, but not just any old Karma. I want to talk about contagious Karma! I want to cover how we as humans can become contagious with happiness, love, peace, respect, abundance and much much more.

Just do me a favour and remember those happy times from childhood. Remember the first time that you saved you pocket money to by a gift for a friend of your parents. Remember how great and exciting this new experience felt. Remember the times when you were running around in the playground or in the meadows with your friends or siblings and laughing so hard in hurt.

Even though you were having fun and you were also helping others to do the same. These me be even your earliest memories of actively flexing your ‘Karma Muscles’. So I am here to tell you that by flexing you muscles today you will be having all of that fun and so much more. Especially when you think that you know more know than you knew then. You now know about some great new ways that grown-ups can have fun as well, but don’t forget to release those ‘child-like’ qualities in you too!

Just like all that time ago you can go out and get that happiness, love, peace, respect, abundance and better still you can help others to get it too by become contagious!

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So  free hospice care los angeles  I guess the question is – Are you ready to be that change? Are you ready to become happiness, love, peace, respect, abundance? Do you really want people to treat you with happiness, love, peace, respect, abundance almost subconsciously, when they meet you? Are you ready to change your world?

Time and time again I have been told of the butterfly effect. Where a butterfly can in somewhere like London, flap its wings and create a change in the weather in somewhere like Los Angeles. Well this is the same with Karma. Just one smile in Moscow could travel through friends, family and even strangers and who knows where it will stop! When was the last time you walked down the street and a stranger smiled at you? You probably while continuing to walk down the street smiled at least one more stranger! How is this for a new disease – ‘Viral Smiling’? Who knows they may have just left there offices just having read the very article that you are reading now! How cool would that be?

So what else can you do to flex your Karma Muscle apart from smiling, which is free and will cause lesser wrinkles in later life compared to frowning? Here are a few ideas of things that you can do to get that muscle pumping.


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