The USB connector is one of the most momentous device in the electrical and electronic components industry. In the present scenario, technology and communication have both reached altogether new heights. The wide variety of electrical devices like connectors being innovated, is giving people a long list of choices to choose from. USB connectors, which are better are known as Universal Serial Buses cables are one of them.

This write up is basically a kind of guide that expedites on the various types of USB connectors present in the market, and also renders the reader with in depth knowledge about them. Read through to get acquainted with the connector used by your communication device or computer hardware.

USB Female A and B – Found on the computer and Universal Serial Buses hubs, USB female A is a standard USB port. The USB Female B on the other hand is instrumental in USB printers and scanners. Though the technology of digital cameras have evolved a lot, but many older digital cams still use this kind of USB ports. In this types, the female end of the cable is plugged into.waterproof Butt Connector

USB Male A and B – Like the previous discussed category, USB Male A is that port that is plugged into the computer or the USB hub. The Male B type is that components of the connector industry that forms the other end of the cable and plugs mostly into the scanners and USB printers, depending on the case.

Mini 5 Pin – In this kind of connector two options are available – Male Mini 5 Pin and Female Mini 5 Pin. These are very small connectors that are attached to the cable and are used for many digital cameras, MP3 players and other small electronics devices.

Besides there are is USB Male 4 pin and USB female 4 pin that too are used for specific applications. The basic aim of these Universal Serial Buses connectors is to provide connectivity between different systems, thus enabling them to transfer and transmit data from one USB port to the other. All the readers are advised to consider the cost as well as use and compatibility of these ports with your communication devices before buying one. The new trends in the technological market is paving way for new innovations that should be kept in mind before choosing a USB connector for your equipment.

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